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Interruptor de flujo digital para agua con pantalla de 3 colores serie PF3W

1. PF3W is a digital flow sensor that constantly monitors water or coolant flow.
2. PF3W refreshes the design and operating performance of the legacy PF2W model. The body is up to 40% smaller in volume and requires shorter straight piping for improved installation flexibility.The upgraded 2-screen, 3-color numerical display rotates in both CW and CCW directions, offering improved visibility in a range of orientations.
3. Two outputs are available, including two switch signals, or a switch and analog signal.
4. Options include a mounting bracket, flow adjustment valve, and temperature sensor to monitor flow and temperature simultaneously.
5. PF3W is grease-free, IP65 rated, and C-UL-US, CE and RoHS compliant.
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Product Specification

 Product Feature

1. 3-color/2-screen display.

2. Integrated display type, Separate monitor type, and PVC piping type.

3. Reduced required piping space.

4. Rotatable display: Counterclockwise 90°, Clockwise 225°. Display can be rotated in increments of 45° to suit the installation conditions.

5. Easy operation, improved visibility. New model PF3W721-14- -M. (Flow rate set from 20-350L/min).

smc flow switch for water

Order Example

2 NPN switch outputs, port size Rc3/8, with temperature sensor.

Model: NPF3W704-03-AT-M

Product Description

PF3W704 PF3W720 PF3W740
PF3W711 PF2A721
Working medium Water and ethylene glycol aqueous solution (with viscosity of 3MPa·s [3 cP] or less)
Detection type Karman vortex
Rated flow range 0.5 to 4L/min 2 to 16L/min 5 to 40L/min  10 to 100L/min 50 to 250L/min
Display flow range*1) 0.35 to 5.5L/min
1.7 to 22L/min  3.5 to 55L/min 7 to 140L/min 20 to 350L/min
Set flow range 0.35 to 5.5L/min  1.7 to 22L/min  3.5 to 55L/min 7 to 140L/min 20 to 350L/min
Smallest settable increment 0.01L/min  0.1L/min  1L/min 2L/min

Conversion of accumulated pulse

(Pulse width: 50ms)

0.05L/pulse 0.1L/pulse 0.5L/pulse 1L/pulse  2L/pulse 

Fluid temperature

(No freezing or condensation) 

 0 to 90°C  0 to 70°C 
Display unit  Instantaneous flow: L/min, Accumulated flow: L 
Display value: ±3% F.S. Analog output: ±3% F.S. 
Repeatability ±2.0% F.S.*2)
Temperature characteristics ±5.0% F.S. (25℃ reference)
Operating pressure 0 to 1MPa
Proof pressure 1.5MPa
Pressure loss 20kPa (at maximum flow rate)

Pressure loss

(Without flow adjustment valve)

45 kPa or less at the max. flow 60 kPa or less  at the max. flow
Accumulated flow range*3) 0 to 9,999,999,999L
By 0.1L By 0.5L By 1L
Pressure characteristics ±1.5% F.S. (0.1 to 1.5 MPa, 0.7 MPa reference)
Switch output  Nil NPN open collector output
Max. load current 80mA
Max. applied voltage DC 28V
Internal voltage drop 

NPN: 1V or less, PNP: 1.5V or less (at load current of 80 mA)

Response time*2,4)  0.5s/1s/2s
Output protection  Short-circuit protection

Flow rate 

output  mode

Select from Hysteresis, Window comparator, Accumulated output, 

or Accumulated pulse output modes

Temperature output  mode 

Select from Hysteresis mode or Window comparator mode
Analog output Response time*5)
0.5s/1s/2s (linked with the switch output)
Voltage output Output voltage: 1 to 5V Output impedance: 1 kΩ
Current output  Output current: 4 to 20 mA Max. load impedance: 300 Ω for DC 12V, 600 Ω for DC 24V


External input Voltage free input: 0.4V or less (Reed or Solid state), input for 30ms or longer
Display method

2-screen display (Main screen: 4-digit, 7-segment, 2-color,

 Red/Green Sub screen:  6-digit, 11-segment, White)

Indicator light Output 1, Output 2: Orange
Power supply voltage DC12 to 24 V ±10%
Current consumption 50 mA or less
Environment Enclosure IP65
Working temperature 0 to 50℃ (with no freezing and condensation)
Working humidity Operation, Storage: 35 to 85% R.H. (No condensation)
Withstand voltage*6) AC 1000V for 1 minute between terminals and housing
Insulation resistance
50 MΩ or more (DC 500V measured via megohmmeter) between terminals and housing
Standards and regulations CE, RoHS
Wetted parts material PPS, FKM, SCS13, SUS304
Piping port size*7)
3/8, 1/2 1/2, 3/4 3/4, 1 1 1/4, 1 1/2 

*1) When the actual flow rate is less than the minimum display flow range, the display will show "0.00", "0.0" or "0 ". 

*2) If 0.5s is selected for the response time of the switch output, the repeatability will be ±3% F.S. 

*3) Cleared when the power supply is turned off. The hold function can be selected. (Intervals of 2 or 5 minutes can be selected.)  If the 5-minute interval is selected, the life of the memory element (electronic parts) is limited to 1 million times.   (If energized for 24 hours, life is calculated as 5 minutes × 1 million = 5 million minutes = about 9.5 years.)   Therefore, if using the hold function, calculate the memory life for your operating conditions, and use within this life. 

*4) The response time when the set value is 90% in relation to the step input (The response time is 7s when it is output by the   temperature sensor.) 

*5) The response time until the set value reaches 90% in relation to the step input (The response time is 7s when it is analog output   by the temperature sensor.) 

*6) When the temperature sensor is used, it will be AC 250V. 

*7) When the piping diameter or piping passage is restricted, the specififications may not be satisfified. 

*8) Products with tiny scratches, marks, or display color or brightness variations which do not affect the performance of the product   are verified as conforming products.

Flow Rate/Analog output  

When only optional parts are required, order with the part numbers listed below.

Description Part NO. Qty. Note
Bracket* ZS-40-K 1 For PF3W704/720 With 4 tapping screws (3×8)
ZS-40-L 1 For PF3W740 With 4 tapping screws (3×8)
ZS-40-M 1 For PF3W711 With 4 tapping screws (4×10)
Lead wire with M8 connector ZS-40-A Lead wire length: 3m

* For units with flflow adjustment valve, 2 brackets are required.

■ Flow Rate/Analog Output  


Symbol A B C
Voltage output 1V 1.5V 5V
Current output 4mA 6mA 20mA


Symbol A B C
Voltage output 1V
1.4V 5V
Current output 4mA 5.6mA 20mA


Symbol A B C
Voltage output 1V
1.8V 5V
Current output 4mA 7.2mA

Model Rated flow [L/min]
Mini. Max.
PF3W704 0.5
PF3W720 2 16
PF3W740 5 40
PF3W711 10 100
PF3W721 30 250

pf3w digital flow switch

Main Dimensions

digital water flow meter

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